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You must issue 1099s to your contractors. If you do not, the IRS will treat them as employees, and what you pay them will be their NET pay — you pay ALL their taxes!

For example, suppose you pay a contractor $300 for one week's work. The IRS decides he's an employee, single with 2 exemptions, and obviously paid weekly. Therefore his gross pay must have been $355.65 (which would give $300.00 net), so you have to pay the taxes you should have withheld: $18.52 federal income tax, $27.21 FICA, $9.92 state income tax — AND $2.85 federal unemployment and another $27.21 for the employer's FICA contribution — for a total of $85.71!

Avoid back taxes, interest, and penalties — file those 1099s!

Payroll service for YOUR businesses.

Your business is very important to you and your family. It is not small to you — and it's not small to us.

Our system is set up for businesses with 1 to 9 employees. We do not accept new clients with more than 15 employees. When you grow past 15 employees, we'll continue to serve you.

1099? We don't care!

But the IRS does! If you fail to file 1099s and the IRS rules that they're employees, your payments to those workers become their NET pay — and you pay ALL their taxes!

Other services only handle employees. We process data for both employees and independent contractors, and prepare W-2s and 1099s as required by the IRS.

Low cost

Our rates are simple: you pay for what you use. We charge (a) $1 per pay calculation, (b) $1 per payroll, (c) $10 per quarter, and (d) $5 per W-2 or 1099. [Rate Card 5]

Your rate is guaranteed: Once you start using our service, your rate will not be increased more than the Consumer Price Index.

Biweekly   Weekly      Annual
Employees/ workersPer quarterPer yearPer quarterPer year W-2s/ 1099s
1$24  $92  $36$144   $5
2$31$118  $49$196 $10
3$38$144  $62$248 $15
4$45$170  $75$300 $20
5$52$296  $88$352 $25
6$59$222$101$404 $30

There are no other payroll fees — no setup fee, no monthly fee. How much will you save with us?

Four ways to pay employees

Make your workers happy! Let them pick the way they're paid.

We don't force you to choose a single way of paying your employees. With W2W3, you can pay each one of your employees and your 1099 workers the way you and they prefer. Use any one or all four; it's all the same to us!

1. Print Statements and Write Paychecks

Only one or two workers? Print out the (legally required) earnings statements and write the paychecks by hand.

2. Print Paychecks

If you want to print checks, put the forms in your printer and print them in your own office — no delivery charge and no waiting.

We use a standard 3-part check stock. You can buy the blank checks anywhere. If you want blank checks from us, they're $10 per 100 (10¢ each) plus sales tax, no shipping or handling.

3. Direct Deposit

You can avoid check printing by using direct deposit to your employees' bank accounts. You tell the bank to make the deposit on payday, and the money is in their account first thing in the morning.

NOTE: Your bank may charge you for direct deposit.

4. Payroll Cards

If you have employees that are paying a check cashing service $5 to $30 to cash a paycheck, give them a payroll card.

A payroll card is a VISA card or Mastercard. The net pay is transferred to the card. The employee gets cash from an ATM, or uses the card for purchases. It's great for employees who don't have a bank account.

NOTE: Your bank may offer a payroll card for a fee. We support the cheapest payroll card we could find — just $2/month per card.

Automatic reporting

You run paychecks and print your reports with our program on your Windows PC. All government reporting and payments is handled automatically by our servers.

Designed for security

Being hacked is a nuisance; having to notify people that their data has been stolen is expensive and embarrassing. Our systems are designed to protect your data; we don't know of any other system as secure as ours.


We love referrals! Refer a friend after you've been with us for 3 months. They'll get a 3 month free trial; you'll get three months of our regular service at 50% off.

No contracts

Other companies want you to sign a 1-year contract. They need the contracts because they're afraid you'll find something better. You found us — you've found something better!

We don't lock you in. If you decide to change at any time, you can. You'll stay with us because our charges are low, our software is easy to use, and our service is great.

Using somebody else?

If you have a contract with another company, cancel their automatic renewal. Pay them their minimum charges and use our service. You will never pay more than you pay now.

If you want us to review your current contract, fax it to us at 612-729-0990.


  • Fringe benefits accounting
  • Job costing (extra charge)
  • Worker's comp. classification and premium due
  • Employee or independent contractor (or both!)
  • Union dues and other special deductions
  • Employee direct payments
  • Tax saving advice

Letter from Child Support?

Or the IRS or anybody else? Call us! We know the best way to handle it.

Our Principles

   Every dollar we save adds a dollar to your profits; we keep our charges low.
   You are busy; we won't waste your time.
   You have enough problems; we solve problems, not make them.
   You deserve the best; we provide it.


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